4 Top Stocks To Buy Ahead Of Their Earning Reports

4 Top Dow Stocks Set to Beat Earnings EstimatesAt this stage it will be prudent to invest in Dow stocks with a favorable Zacks Rank and positive Earnings ESP. Strong earnings results will likely ensure a northbound move in the stock prices of these companies in the near term.We have narrowed down our search to four Dow companies slated to release their earnings results this month. Each of these stocks carries either a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) or 2 (Buy). You can see the complete list of todays Zacks #1 Rank stocks [read more]

All 3 US Indexes Are In Historical High And Momentum Maintains

U.S. stock markets are trading higher since the beginning of this year after a fabulous 2019 marking the best performance in six years. Maintaining this momentum all three major stock indexes the Dow the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite have already recorded fresh alltime highs in January. On Jan 15 the Dow achieved a milestone closing above the technical barrier of 29000 for the first time.Dows Performance in Fourth QuarterThe 30 stocks Dow Index popularly known as Wall Streets bluechip index rallied 22.3% in [read more]

The Hedge Funds Are 'SHORT SELLING' This Two U.S. Favorite Stocks

Apple and Tesla may be market darlings but hedge funds are betting big theyll collapseTesla doubters pushed the dollar amount of its equity borrowed to sell short to $14.5 billion on Wednesday making it the mostshorted American equity.But Teslas restored reign as the mostshorted U.S. equity was short lived after Apple reclaimed its place at No. 1 on Thursday.Looking at short selling as a percentage of total shares available for trading reveals a different picture Only 1% of Apples is sold short versus about 20% at Tesla.  [read more]

Bitcoin Best Start To The Year Since 2012

Bitcoins was trading at around $8638.38 at 0900 a.m. SINHK up roughly 21% so far this year. Experts put the recent rise down to the launch of CMEs bitcoin options and an event known as the halving taking place in May.The halving essentially slows down the supply of new bitcoin being minted. Bitcoin has recorded its best start to the year since 2012. Optimism has returned to the market following a crash after the 2017 record high.Other digital coins including ethereum have followed suit posting more than 20% gains in the first two weeks of [read more]

U.S. Stock Rise On Classic 'Buy On Rumor Sell On Fact' & On Earning Report

U.S. stock indexes closed higher Wednesday after President Donald Trump signed the first phase of a trade pact with China marking a truce in the trade war since June of 2018.The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA 0.31% rose 90.55 points or 0.3% at 29030.22 while The S&P 500 index SPX 0.19% gained 6.14 points or 0.2% to 3289.29 while The Nasdaq Composite Index COMP 0.08% gained 7.37 points or 0.1% to close at 9258.70.Many are calling this action classic buy the rumor [read more]

3 Cuts In 2020 For Fed , According To UBS

Swiss wealth giant UBS has predicted that the U.S. Federal Reserve could lower interest rates three times in 2020 a forecast that differs widely from many other projections calling for no change or just one rate cut this year.Arend Kapteyn global head of economic research at UBS said on Tuesday that tariffs implemented in the trade war between Washington and Beijing would drag down U.S. growth to just 0.5% yearonyear in the first half of 2020.We think this tariff damage is going to push U.S. growth down ... thats actually going to trigger [read more]

The Fed Beige Book Will Be Due 03:00 hk/sg time Thursday In Asia

At 0300 hksg time Thursday morning the latest Beige Book prepare for January FOMC. Might offer an early indication of how companies are responding to the phase one trade deal and the recent improvement in economic sentiment.Look for additional anecdotal evidence from businesses of headwinds faced by [read more]

JP Morgan Lead Bank's Stock On Better Than Expected Earning

The DJIA closed up just 01.% or 32 points at 28939.67 The S&P 500 down 0.1% at 3283.15 while Nasdaq slip 0.2% to 9251.33 in volatile trading Tuesday.  J.P. Morgan Chase led bank shares higher on the back of strong quarterly results.J.P. Morgan Chase posted quarterly earnings and revenue that beat analyst expectations sending the stock up more than 1.2%. The banks annual profits also reached record levels at $36.4 billion. J.P. Morgan also had a surge in bondtrading revenues during the fourth quarter.Citigroups earnings got a boost from strong fixedincome trading as [read more]

The Metal Want To Go To $1,800, Said CNBC's Jim Cramer

The amount of gold buying happening in the new year points to the rising fear factor in the marketplace says CNBCs Jim Cramer adding that gold might be heading towards $1800 an ounce.When I see this endless buying for gold it makes me think for the first time people are just saying Im really fearful Cramer told CNBC last week.When asked what caught his attention Cramer replied Gold gold gold Its not just Treasuries. The gold buying has been endless Cramer said. [read more]

Five Big Stocks That Is Head Over Heal To The Rest Of The Blue Chip

The five biggest stocks are dwarfing the rest of the stock market at an unprecedented levelApple Microsoft Alphabet Amazon and Facebook make up 18% of the total market cap of the S&P 500 an unprecedented level of dominance according to Morgan Stanley.When Apple has claimed more than 4% of the S&P 500 market cap in the past the stock underperformed by nearly 9% on average in the next 12 months.Its no secret that a handful of tech giants have been dominating the stock market but their leadership has reached a level that is raising eyebrows [read more]