US Stock Is Falling This Is What You Should Do

There is suddenly stockmarket carnage on Wall Street shattering what has been a protracted period of low volatility and a mostly uninterrupted climb toward the moon for stocks. [read more]

S&P Closed -0.5% After Gaining 1.2%

S&P 500 closes lower in biggest reversal since February 2016 as rates pop         The S&P 500 pulled back 0.5 [read more]

Fed's J.Williams;

The Federal Reserve will stick to its plan for steady gradual interestrate increases a Fed policymaker said Wednesday despite market gyrations and strong data on U.S. wage growth that has bond traders pricing in faster rising inflation. I am going to try to dispel you of the myth that the Federal Reserve is going to overreact or somehow undermine the good news on [read more]

BoE Rate Decision, Thursday

Analysts at Nomura offer a brief preview on BOEs Super Thursday with no changes expected to the BOEs monetary policy program. However at some point in the near future we [read more]

SEC &CFTC Hearding: More Legitimate ICOs or

SEC and CFTC Hearing More Legitimate ICOs or If There Was No Bitcoin There Would Be No BlockchainThe Commodity Futures Trading Commision (CFTC) and US Securities and Exchange Commision(SEC) met the morning of February 6 2018 to discuss their roles in Blockchain virtual currencies and ICOs. Set in Washington D.C. at the Dirksen Senate Building the Committee on Banking Housing and Urban Affairs met in open session for about 2 hours. Before the hearing began testimonies were released on behalf of both witnesses.The PreTestimonies(these testimonies were released on February 5 [read more]

DJIA Closed 567 Points Higher, After 2 Days Sell-off

Dow closes 567 points higher after crazy market swings         The Dow closed 567.02 points higher and rose as much [read more]