The Consensus On Gold Is That Interest Is Back

The consensus on gold is that interest is back.Experts on the Ultimate Gold Panel at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference unanimously agreed that sentiment on the precious metals has turned more bullish.With central banks like China buying gold for the first time in years and funds that were previously not interested in gold starting to add the metal to their portfolio investors have been showing more confidence.Frank Holmes CEO of U.S. Global Investors noted that gold is benefiting from the [read more]

US Stock Closed At 2019 High

U.S. stock indexes closed at their highest levels for 2019 on Tuesday after lawmakers reached a tentative deal to prevent a government shutdown. Democratic and Republican lawmakers reached a deal late Monday to avert another government closure after GOP negotiators agreed to a bordersecurity deal that will involve far less money for an extension of the southern U.S. border wall than President Donald Trump has been demanding.Trade Optimism grew over a potential trade deal between the U.S. and China negotiations entered a second day in Beijing with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and U.S. [read more]

$60-$70 Is Fair Price For Oil

$60 to $70 is a fair price for a barrel of oil Egypts petroleum minister saysThere is a fair price for a barrel of oil and OPEC and its nonOPEC partners are close to achieving it through their deal to cut production according to Egypts Petroleum Minister Tarek ElMolla.It is in the range between $60 and $70 a barrel somewhere in this bracket of price El Molla told CNBC on Sunday.OPEC and nonOPEC producers including Russia agreed to cut production [read more]

Gold Staying Above $1,300 But US Dollar Is Highest Level Since December

Gold prices covering some losses from Monday losses as a leading dollar index traded at its highest levels since December cutting demand for investors buying precious metals using other currencies.It appears that facing growing uncertainty investors are once more seeking refuge in the US dollar concerns regarding the Chinese economy weak growth and political tension in the Eurozone Brexit and lingering global trade tensions are weighing in on market sentiment and the dollar is once more sought after as a safe heaven asset. [read more]

US Stock Closed Lower Trade Talk And Shutdown Loomed

U.S. stocks closed mostly higher Monday after a choppy session as a round of U.S.China tariff negotiations in Beijing commenced and as the threat of another partial government shutdown loomed.Trade negotiations between the U.S. and China began Monday with workinglevel talks in Beijing while Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer are due to arrive Thursday for more highlevel discussions. The lingering uncertainty around a trade resolution would only highlight that a 12monthlong negotiation between the worlds largest [read more]

GBPUSD Back Below 1.3 With Less Than 48 Days To BREXIT

At the Bank of Englands first meeting of the year Governor Mark Carney tapped into the Brexit conundrum facing pound traders the currencys next move is likely to be a big one.Sterling has pulled back this month to hover below $1.30 after rallying in January as no solution is yet in sight to avoid Britain crashing out of the European Union in less than 48 days. A resolution could move the currency as much as 20 percent in either direction with traders unwilling to put money on [read more]

Gold Price Higher In Coming Months, Kitco

There is a lot of risk on the horizon and investors will hedge against that uncertainty driving gold prices higher in the coming months according to one longstanding gold bull.Golds spec positioning shows that there is plenty of dry powder for market participants to extend their net long positioning Metal Bulletin precious metals analyst Boris Mikanikrezai wrote in a Seeking Alpha post on Sunday. Gold has proved to be very resilient so far this year performing well despite a risk rally in equities noted [read more]

IMF Say Oil Has Not Fully Recover From 2014 Shock

Oil exporters have not fully recovered from the dramatic oil price shock of 2014 the head of the International Monetary Fund said on Saturday and she cautioned against spending money on white elephant projects.With revenues down fiscal deficits are only slowly declining despite significant reforms on both the spending and revenue sides including the introduction of VAT and excise taxes Christine Lagarde the managing director of the IMF told a conference in Dubai.This has led to a sharp increase in public debt from 13 percent [read more]

US oil heads to China, but it's too early to declare victory in the trade war

The first U.S. oil shipments to China in months will reach their destinations just days from now punctuating a pledge by President Donald Trump in December that China would begin buying more American products despite an ongoing trade battle. The shipments which left ports in Texas in late December are not a clear sign of U.S. victory however. They are among a handful bound for China or points near it currently as a March negotiating deadline on a new trade deal draws near. And the amount of U.S. oil being shipped to [read more]

Fed's Powell reveals what he thinks is the biggest challenge over the next decade

Sluggish productivity and widening wealth gap are the biggest challenges facing the U.S. over the next decade Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Wednesday. Speaking at a town hall in Washington D.C. to a group of educators the central bank leader said his greatest economic fears lie outside the Feds purview. Specifically he called for more aggressive policies to address income inequality. Wages at the middle and lower levels have grown much more slowly than those at the higher end he said. We want [read more]