Customers can do their transaction/trading order in the electronic (on-line) system through Meta Trader 4 Client Terminal United Global Asset Management (United Global Trader/UGAM Trader) after received User ID (login) and the master password from UGAM. Customers should change the password (master password) given by the UGAM admin when login for the first time, customers can change the master password anytime. UGAM will not responsible for any abuse/misuse of customer’s password. The system has the ability to reject the order if the Margin Requirement arise by the new order is not enough. The transaction/order based on the available price in the system, bid price (sell) and ask/offer price (buy). The transaction/order done in the system could not be cancel by the customers. The type of order in the system are :


Market Execution is a market order transaction base on the market current price available in the system (UGAM Trader) at the time, bid price (sell) and ask/offer price (buy).


Stop Order (Stop Buy/Stop Sell) is a pending order only to cover customer’s open position at the certain price in order to minimize losses. Stop order automatically becomes a market order when the specified price is touched/exceeded (even worse).Stop Order is not allowed if the customer does not have any open position(s) before or will lead to the emergence of a new open position(s)

Limit Order (Limit Buy/Limit Sell) is a pending order to open or close any customer’s open position(s) at a certain price. Limit Order automatically becomes a market order when the specified price is touched/exceeded (better)
All the Limit Order (LO) and Stop Order (SO) may be canceled or modified by the customer and valid up to Good Till Friday (GTF), exception for Index is valid up to market closed (one market session only). If any market holiday during the trading weekday all the LO and SO will be cancel/abort automatically